History of anuprabha

It was the hour before the thoughts gathered and the destination of the journey was not defined; flocks of ideas were squatered and not assembled. Keeping elegance and feminity t in mind. Mrs Prabha Maloo started her designer boutique as an entrepreneur in January 2000. The journey started with a small unit with the idea to get international stature.

Some of our international exhibitions
  • Bride & Groom ,London , June 2005
  • Live in Splendor ,Dubai, April 2006
Some of our exhibitions held in Indian top label ladies institutions like Kalpataru, Mahilamangal, Akshaya pratisthan, Ankur & Jalsa who cater to the royal and top level clients in Delhi. This institution promoted Anuprabha in a big way and has helped creating the brand image of Anuprabha.
Wedding Asia ( Ludhiana) was a great success for Anuprabha, our fashion show was fabulous with the inspiration of Mughal & Rajput era. Each garment was unique in itself ,styling, colors, embroidery patterns and choreography. It promoted the image of Anuprabha

Her passion for styling and fashion is never saturated as she believes in “satisfaction brings saturation” and growth is a smooth continuous process progress ,in the right direction always finds its destiny. So after a decade Anuprabha proved ample evidence of talent in designing, high taste and unique choice of materials.

We at Anuprabha try to focus traditional craftsmanship and modern garments focusing on various aspects of Indian history and aspiration of modern Indian women drapes and styling.